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dermology1I had been looking for an easy option to remove hair permanently. I wanted something that was simple and effective… I mean hair removal was such a burden! I was pleasantly surprised at the results I got from a product called Dermology Hair Removal Cream. This is the first time I believe I can recommend a hair removal cream that is pain free and comfortable. I also found Dermology to be more effective than traditional methods of removing unwanted hair. I mean how much of a pain is shaving or waxing?

At first I was a bit skeptical, but I finally said what the heck and gave it a shot when I found this Buy 2 Get One Free Offer. I figured I had nothing to lose, and I got to try out a new product. To my surprise shipping only took three days and Dermology arrived in a discreet package. As soon as I got the cream I opened it and gave it a smell… it actually had a pleasant odor… I was expecting the smell of other hair removal creams I had used in the past.

I was a little cautious at first so I started by applying the Dermology Hair Removal Cream on a small patch of hair on my arm, I waited 10 minutes, like the instructions said, and waited to see what happened. When the 10 minutes was up I used a towel to wipe the cream away. I rinsed off the area with some warm water… and to my surprise… My skin was completely smooth and hairless. I was surprised because my skin felt like I had just moisturized it… It was silky and smooth.

I’ve had bad experiences with other hair removal creams I’ve tried in the past. They all used strong chemicals that would irritate my skin and give me painful ingrown hairs… sometimes I even got pimples from them. Dermatology Hair Removal Cream has natural ingredients that help moisturize your skin and prevent irritations.

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At this point I was excited… I started using the Dermology cream on my legs, also without irritation. I was really dermologyhairremovalimpressed with the results and I really like the cool Aloe Vera hydrating feeling you get after using the cream. I waited about two days and noticed no side effects, so I decided to try the cream on my most sensitive body areas – my upper lip and my bikini area. I hadn’t noticed any reactions to the cream so I just had to try it!

I dread hair removal around my bikini area… It’s just so sensitive. I really did not want any rashes, ingrown hairs, or acne. Just like the other areas of my body, everything went well. Dermology is safe to use anywhere: your face, legs, neck, back, stomach, arms, armpits, or even your bikini area.

What I really like about Dermology Hair Removal Cream is that it contains all natural ingredients which are super effective in preventing hair regrowth. I decided to keep using Dermology… it’s been a few months now and my hair does not grow as fast as it used too. When I used to shave or wax my hair would grow back faster and thicker. Since I started using Dermology I’ve noticed my hairs getting finer. There seems to be less hair and I really don’t need to use the cream that often anymore.

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The Good:

  • Low irritation formula which can be used even on the most sensitive areas of your body
  • Contains natural plant extracts and moisturizers
  • It slows hair growth and when it does grow back it’s a lot finer
  • You never experience razor burns, red bumps, or ingrown hairs
  • The smell isn’t that bad
  • They offer a 90 day return policy

The Bad:

  • Dermology is not available in retail stores. You must Purchase it Here.
  • The cream must be reapplied… The more you reapply it the thinner your hair grows back.

My Final Conclusion: I would recommend Dermology Hair Removal Cream to anyone who is looking for a pain free alternative to shaving, waxing or any other time consuming, expensive hair removal methods. This is a fairly new product that is starting to really increase in popularity… and after using it I can really see why. I really like this product, I can get rid of all my unwanted hair while moisturizing at the same time. I love how it’s so effective yet leaves me silky smooth!

Order your Jar Here… And simply return it within 90 days if it does not work for you.